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Diabetic Shoes

Reflexology dictates that each part of the body is intimately connected with the rest. Our systems are joined together by nerves, after all, and these nerves traverse the entire body. Hence, through the proper knowledge of reflexology techniques, a headache can be cured by massaging a finger. Abdominal pain can be relieved by squeezing on a toe. Fever can be lowered by kneading the palm. Everything is interconnected, and discomfort felt in a remote part can be cured by properly treating the distant partner.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the body's ability to metabolize sugar. This causes the buildup of glucose which can clog the nerves. Since glucose is found in the blood, and since blood is carried by the nerves, the effects of diabetes are far reaching indeed. Circulatory problems can happen, and such will affect a variety of bodily functions and processes.

Hence, diabetic patients resort to orthotics. They try out a variety of equipments that will help the circulatory processes of the body with the hope that such will combat the effects of diabetes. Among the variety of orthotic devices available for diabetic patients are diabetic shoes.

Diabetic shoes are especially designed to help blood circulation. They are built with custom-made soles that have rubberized spikes. These spikes aim to massage the soles of the feet through some reflexology theories. With this kind of stimulation, blood circulation is said to improve tremendously.

Wearing diabetic shoes is like having a professional masseur armed with deep knowledge on reflexology practices working on your body for the entire time that the pair is worn. All the diabetic patient has to do is to walk around wearing the said pair of shoes, and the spikes rubbing against the soles of the feet will work their magic.

This doesn't mean that diabetic shoes do not posses any aesthetic value. The fact is, some of these pairs are very fashionable. And diabetic shoes aren't even limited to certain models. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Perhaps you enjoy wearing them because you consider them lucky? You don't have to sacrifice their use. You can purchase diabetic soles that you can insert in your favorite pair. Such soles are also embedded with rubberized spikes, carefully processed to carry out reflexology procedures. These soles, naturally, are more affordable, and they will provide the same comfort and relief guaranteed by their counterparts.

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