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Diabetic Diet

Living with diabetes is not easy - no - not by a long shot! Since the body's ability to break down glucose, and with glucose being an important component in many vital processes for our existence, diabetes should be combated with efficiency and with expediency. Failure to do so would be tantamount to surrendering to the disease, and such, unfortunately, can be fatal.

One way to battle the effects of diabetes and to cushion its ill effects is to adhere to a strict diabetic diet plan. A diabetic diet plan consists of a recommended list of daily intakes based on the diabetic food pyramid. Such a plan will ensure that the diabetic patient will receive the required nutrients that will help him or her cope up with the disadvantageous consequences of diabetes.

Nowadays, there are many varieties of a diabetic diet plan. Dieticians and medical professionals have studied and formulated many plans consisting of many types of food that will still give pleasure for the taste buds without compromising the required nutrients suggested for diabetic patients.

Dr. Nora Bueno, a physician who has been specializing on diabetes for over a decade now, said that "the 1990s experienced a growth in the demand for diet plans especially created for diabetic patients." Such words are very true, and they owe their veracity to the fact that 9.6% of people over the age of 20 are suffering from diabetes in 2005, compared to 7.2% in 1991. This statistic is telling. It means that 20.6 million people, in the US alone, above the age of 20 are diabetic patients. Correlatively, 20.9% of people above the age of 60 are likewise suffering from diabetes. This percentage represents 10.3 million people, again, in the US alone, which is a stark jump from the 7.9 million people above retirement age who were suffering from diabetes in 1991.

Such an increase in the number of diabetes cases in the US, and in the world for that matter, has created a large, large demand for a diabetic diet plan that can easily be integrated with their lifestyle. But since lifestyles are as varied as the many kinds of people suffering from diabetes, different types of food are usually used to comprise a variety of diet plans. Some people who can't seem to live without meat, for example, are offered synthetic meat instead of chicken or fish.

Nonetheless, despite the difference in the components that make up these diet plans, one thing is certain: the best health of the diabetic patient is the paramount consideration based on the universally recommended diabetic food pyramid.

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